A letter has been sent to ACT Government Ministers re grading of tracks at Mt Rogers

Several of Mt Rogers' volunteer landcarers, with Landcare Group Convenor Rosemary Blemings, wrote to ACT Government Ministers Simon Corbell (Environment) and Shane Rattenbury (Territory & Municipal Services) in early April, regarding grading of tracks near the summit of Mt Rogers which had created erosion hazards and was not in accordance with the government's own ecological guidelines.
Here is a short extract from the letter, which is long and detailed, with quotes from the relevant government guidelines and operational plan, and photographs showing the results of the grading.
The group seeks assurance from the Ministers…
"Primarily — that no more work of this type will be undertaken, i.e. work that is unwarranted and not in compliance with your Government’s own ecological guidelines.
Additionally — We would be further interested to know how this work came to be approved and funded given it does not comply with the operations plan nor the guidelines.
The cost of this work was obviously substantial — nevertheless we would like to know what reparations are planned in order to make the work compliant with your ecological guidelines.
Indeed it is a matter of much more general import to ensure that your own ecological guidelines are not only followed, but also where, due to operational error, they are not complied with, that effective restoration and reparation is actioned.
Finally, the fact that the Bush Fire Operations Plan is purported to be a tool with which to keep the community informed of works planned, yet clearly does no such thing, is a concern for us as volunteer land-carers, as it must be for all volunteers involved in land management of reserves that are impacted by that plan."

Should you wish to read the letter sent by Mt Rogers Landcare Group to the ministers please contact Rosemary. 

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