Brown snake and successful working bee, 7-10 September 2015

Alert everyone! 

Frances emailed:
I just thought you might like to know that brown snakes are now active on Mt Rogers. I met this one in the grass as I was walking along the track beside the 2 tanks. It was the wide track adjacent to the tanks, not one of the narrow bush tracks


On Monday 7 September, we had a working-bee opposite MIldenhall Place.
with John, Phil, Angharad, Ted & Kirsty tackling woody weeds. Photo below. 

Thank you all for a magnificent effort this morning. You morphed into an efficient team and accepted the rather haphazard-seeming challenge of walking & weeding.

Between us we despatched >100 Serrated tussock tussocks, caught up with briar roses, cotoneaster, firethorn and privet of various heights and complexities. Often this involved working in the depths of dead Cootamundra wattles. We took out smaller, non-flowering C. wattles.

Our rewards were good company, sharing with like-minds and an array of sightings....including White-eared Honeyeaters, Grey Fantails, Thornbills and their calls. There was a weird cluster of fungi, there were Early Nancy blooms and we began by checking out the Cryptandra patch with neighbouring Hardenbergia, Hop Bush and Kangaroo Grass.

The 'Telstra' ivy patch was revisited to be saved for another, specific effort. St Johns Wort was earmarked for detailed spraying as the rosettes are throughout good vegetation in one 4 m x 4 m patch.

Definitely one of the most productive working-bees  to those who know what's there and what's at stake....thank you! 


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