Working bee on 25 June 2017 at Mt Rogers

Phil discovered this patch of multiple woody weed species: just 25 m north of the telecom tower.

Thank you for an invaluable 2.5 hours work, David, Phil and Ted. As a result, a hundred woody weed species won't be taking water from the soil and native species after the next rain. Ann, Anne C and Anne Mc couldn't make it today.

Griffin and Angharad are continuing to work on mapping the GPS location and girth of the significant eucalypts ... these are the originals that have been watching events on Mt Rogers for several hundred years.

Phil Nizette from Wellspring Arts and Design will be supervising the installation of rocks for the engraved Mt Rogers sign on the carpark edge in the coming week. The cost of replacing the long-gone sign will be borne by the ACT Government ($2,000), TCCS (TAMS) the land's managers will contribute in kind by transporting & installing the selected rocks. Ginninderra Catchment Group will pay the remaining $1,300 for Phil to engrave  MT ROGERS on the largest rock. 

Ted is proposing to report an incident of arrogant father and son motor cyclists to the Minister hoping to thereby highlight this on-going problem and unsafe activity in the ACT's reserves. 

For reporting Anti social behaviour on Mt Rogers (and in other reserves and public places) Access Canberra is 13 22 81 is the first contact point. 

Our work today morphed into another social occasion with many topics being discussed as we worked. Another real plus was agreeing that we are so lucky to have such a friendly pack of walked dogs on Mt Rogers. Ted specialises in meeting and greeting dogs that his canines come across when walking. Phil continues to monitor drainage channels during his regular walks ... when's the next rain due?  It was great to welcome David back into the team after a few months of his being busy elsewhere. He particularly enjoys Landcaring  as it's a practical example of the stewardship he strongly believes in. 

Steve D's watercolour painting (above) of the team working against Tree of Heaven was in the Artists' Society of Canberra - Icon Water Exhibition at the Kingston Arts Hub until 30th June. (Sorry, this blog post is delayed, so you may have missed seeing it there.)

We're a multi talented community of busy and involved people!

Photos below: 
  • Three that Steve D used as reference for his watercolour.
  • And two views of Mt Rogers from Percival Hill, across CSIRO land that is currently still farmland but perhaps destined to be housing one day. Mt Rogers is identifiable by the telecommunications tower standing out on its top, near a plume of smoke. 

Mt Rogers Landcare coordinator
25 June 2017

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